How to Become a Firefighter

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How to Become a Firefighter

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Many people have an interest in joining the field of public servants. For this reason, it may be beneficial to learn how to become a firefighter. These trained professionals work in forested, rural, and urban areas to protect property and lives. While there are a variety of ways to enter this profession, anyone interested in this career needs to determine the type of fire organization best meets their career goals, you should also try to visit some website which i know can be super helpful The options available are federal, state, regional, rural, or city.

Required Skills
Because this is a physically demanding field, firefighters need to have a specific set of skills. This profession requires the ability to carry heavy equipment as well as victims to safety. Because disaster strikes at any time, being ready at all times is required. Firefighters also have to be able to communicate with other responders to make critical decisions rapidly. The most common attributes of this profession include physical fitness, thorough understanding of fire causes, prevention, and suppression as well as decision-making aptitude.

Meet Employment Pre-Requisites
The education requirements for an entry level firefighter typically include a high school diploma and a current driver's license. Once hired, most training is provided from the fire department or a state fire school. College-level coursework in fire science can be beneficial though and boost the chances of gaining a job quickly.

Earn Certifications
Prospective firefighters should earn EMT certification. Since the requirements vary by state, make sure that the program leads to a credential that will be accepted by the fire district. Some fire departments allow individuals to complete this certification after hired, but work towards this early if possible.

Test for a Position
Fire departments participate in recruitment fairs when looking to hire new employees. They will host screening events where prospective employees take written and physical tests. Qualified applicants who pass this screening are interviewed and then go through additional series of testing. Work on improving physical fitness to pass this initial test. Additionally, the written exam tests reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, logic, memory, and spatial awareness. Take practice tests in these areas to prepare.

Complete Fire Academy Training
After passing these initial hurdles, complete the required fire academy training. This training includes classroom training as well as practical work. The length varies, but a potential employer will be able to provide more detailed information. After graduating from the academy, a person can then begin work as a firefighter. These are the basic steps to become a firefighter although specific aspects of training may vary depending on the location.


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